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How social media can help you sell your home

In today’s real estate market, social media has become a powerful tool to help real estate agents and homeowners sell their homes. Social media is an easy (and free!) way to help your home gain more exposure and catch the eye of potential buyers. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, social media can help expedite […]

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7 easy & fun March Break ideas in the Greater Toronto Area

March Break is just a few weeks away, and as children all over the Durham region are eagerly counting down the days, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your children busy and active this spring break. From day camps and outdoor skating to Wizard World and a Beauty and the Beast Ball, […]

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Financial assistance programs for first-time homebuyers

As most of you probably know, buying a home in the GTA is becoming increasingly more expensive. Not only can it be difficult for the average homeowner to buy a new home in today’s real estate market, but it is even more challenging for first-time home buyers. Luckily, the Ontario government has a number of […]

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Top 5 things to do on Valentine’s Day in Durham

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with your sweetheart on the day dedicated to love. Luckily, in the Durham Region, we have numerous romantic dates and getaways to satisfy that special someone in your life. From wine and chocolate to an intimate dinner and romantic […]

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How to paint your home like a pro

Whether you love painting or abhor it, there is no denying that a fresh coat of paint can refresh and revive the drabbest of rooms. However, a poorly painted room can detract from your home rather than enhance it. But don’t think this means that you have to go out and hire the professionals. Here […]

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Live edge furniture: What is it and why you need it in your home

You may have recently heard the term “live edge furniture” in interior decorating magazines or amongst your friends. But what exactly is live edge furniture? Live edge furniture is a style of furniture where the natural edge and texture of the wood is incorporated into the overall design of the piece. The emphasis of live […]

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Colour trends of 2017

With a new year nearly upon us, it’s time to look towards the home and colour trends that will be taking centre stage in 2017. Grey was undoubtedly the colour of 2016, and an infusion of grey can still be seen in many of this year’s top picks. Let’s take a look at some of […]

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Fun Winter Activities & Events in Durham

This winter, the Durham region is brimming with fun and unique activities for you and your family. So rather than spending your winter hibernating, I suggest staying active and making the most of this beautiful season. In the Durham region, we are particularly lucky to have numerous outdoor winter activities to participate in, especially compared […]

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What to consider when buying an investment property

Even if you’re not in the market for a new home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in Clarington’s exciting real estate market. An investment property can be a safe and secure investment, as well as a steady source of income. From rental properties and flipping homes, to developing land and obtaining severances, there […]

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How to winter-proof your home

Winter can be a difficult time not only for you but for your home as well. Plunging temperatures, ice storms, and blizzards take a toll on both your home and your heating bill. So rather than waiting until the arrival of winter (and the sub-zero temperatures that accompany it) I suggest winter-proofing your home in […]

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Quick & easy ways to update your bathroom and kitchen

Your bathroom and kitchen are two of the most used and well-trodden areas in your home. They are also two of the areas that visitors most often frequent when visiting, and that potential buyers pay particularly close attention to. Therefore, it’s important to keep these areas fresh, updated and in tip-top shape. Here are a […]

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How to pay off your mortgage faster

It’s something looming over every new homeowner, at times causing monthly anxiety and financial stress: mortgage payments. Truly owning your home, mortgage-free, is the aspiration of all homeowners and paying off your mortgage can help you achieve financial freedom. Here are some simple and easy financial tricks that can help you pay off your mortgage […]

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