Having someone working for you, looking out for your best interests, gives you a significant advantage.

Considering buying a home? You have come to the right place!  Purchasing a home can be a very exciting time but also, very stressful. The perfect home and property is waiting and I am here to facilitate the experience and make it as enjoyable as possible.  I will be here for you for you during the entire process and you can count on me to take care of the details and protect your interests.
My services include extensive market research and knowledge, home searches, buyer tours and negotiating power. You will be advised of comparable home sales in the area and my goal, as your buyer’s agent, is to secure the property that you want, at the most reasonable price possible. I can assist you with finding the right mortgage consultants, home inspectors, moving companies, decorators and contractors that are the right fit for you!
I look forward to meeting with you!

Costs of Buying a Home

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Selling a Home During a Divorce

Selling a Home During a Divorce

Selling a house during or after divorce can be fraught with emotions but is an important part of moving on and beginning the next chapter of your lives. I’ve worked with numerous clients in the process of separation or divorce and appreciate the fact that it’s a...

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