You may have recently heard the term “live edge furniture” in interior decorating magazines or amongst your friends. But what exactly is live edge furniture? Live edge furniture is a style of furniture where the natural edge and texture of the wood is incorporated into the overall design of the piece. The emphasis of live edge furniture is on the natural beauty of the wood – its curves, lines, and textures. Often the natural flow and form of the wood dictates the shape and final outcome of the furniture.

What is so unique about live edge furniture?

Live edge furniture often requires superior craftsmanship, creativity, and originality compared to traditional carpentry. The craftsman must assess the piece of wood and use their imagination since they often cannot follow predesigned blueprints. The natural shape of the wood, as well as knots and crevices, often dictate what the final product will look like. What results is an original and one of a kind piece of furniture. Because live edge furniture often features a cross-section or slice of the natural wood, the rings of the tree are often exposed. These rings reveal unique information about the life of the tree, such as years of drought and years of heavy rainfall, as well as fire, disease and human interference.

How to incorporate live edge furniture into your home

There are many different ways to incorporate live edge furniture into your home. One of the most common types of live edge furniture is kitchen and dining room tables. These are often crafted from the cross section of a tree, and can enhance the aesthetic look of a dining room or kitchen. Another place to incorporate live edge furniture into your home is in your bedroom. A live edge headboard can help bring the natural world into your sleeping sanctuary, giving your room a tranquil and relaxing ambiance. However, when initially experimenting with live edge furniture, you don’t have commit to such large pieces. Tree root tables and stump seating are small ways to incorporate the outdoors into your home.

I suggest doing some research to see if there are local craftsmen in your area that specialize in live edge furniture. A piece of live edge furniture will not only become a showpiece of your home, but also a keepsake to be cherished by your future generations.

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